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Ron Paul: American Conservatives to Blame for Islamist Terrorism

2:59 PM, Jul 24, 2014 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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During an appearance on the Fox Business yesterday, former Texas congressman Ron Paul said he blames terrorism on American neoconservatives. The Free Beacon reports:

Reason magazine’s Peter Suderman asked Paul, “You have been accused in the past of blaming America for violent acts, for terrorist acts. I want to know first how you respond to that charge.”

Paul called that characterization “a fallacy and a misrepresentation of what I say.”

“I don’t blame America,” Paul said. “I’m America, you’re America. I don’t blame you, I blame bad policy, I blame the interventionists, I blame the neoconservatives who preach this stuff, who believe in it like a religion, that they have to promote American goodness even if you have to bomb and kill people. So you blame policy. That is altogether different.”

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