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Ron Paul Runs, Defense Falls Apart

2:33 PM, Dec 22, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Jamie Kirchick writes about Ron Paul's newsletters in the most recent issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD. Interestingly, Paul's response has been, essentially, to say that he never read them before they were published and then to say he "disavows" the newsletters anyway. This is just what he did yesterday in an interview with CNN.

"I've never read that stuff," Paul told the CNN journalist interviewing him. "I've never read - I came - I was probably aware of it 10 years after it was written and it's been going on 20 years that people have pestered me about this and CNN does it every single time." When the journalist persisted, Paul ended the interview:

Today, Hot Air reports that a video has emerged of Paul promoting the newsletters:

In the video, Paul says:

I also put out a political type of business investment newsletter that sort of covered all these areas.  And it covered a lot about what was going on in Washington, and financial events, and especially some of the monetary events.  Since I had been especially interested in monetary policy, had been on the banking committee, and still very interested in, in that subject, that this newsletter dealt with it.  This had to do with the value of the dollar, the pros and cons of the gold standard, and of course the disadvantages of all the high taxes and spending that our government seems to continue to do.

What Paul did not say, however, is that the newsletters also promoted "bigotry and conspiracy theories," as Kirchick notes

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