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Rubio Demands Sanctions Vote on Iran

5:01 PM, Feb 26, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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“Why can’t we have this debate? Isn’t that what the Senate was designed to be, a place where the great issues of our time could be debated and fleshed out before the eyes of the American public and the world? But we’re being told consistently, ‘We can’t have this debate, and we’re not going to do it.’ Why? Why can’t we debate this? This is important. Its implications will be felt by people long after any of us here are no longer here. I hope more attention is paid to this. And let me just say that I understand the frustration that you file a piece of legislation on veterans and the Iran issue comes up. But we are running out of time and this is the only mechanism that exists to have this debate. And I would argue to you that it actually is relevant because it is our men and women in uniform that we’re going to turn to, when this thing ends up the way I know it will, and ask them to take care of this problem.

“If in the end, these negotiations fail — as I tragically have to tell you they are destined to fail — and Iran retains the enrichment capability and eventually develops a nuclear weapon, it is the men and women in uniform of these United States, our sons and our daughters, our neighbors and our friends, our mothers, our brothers, our sisters, and our fathers, who we will ask as we always do, to go solve the problem for us. But if we put in place sanctions that clearly articulate and lay out the price they will have to pay to continue with these ambitions, we may be able to delay that and even to prevent it. 

“Otherwise, that day will come. This piper will be paid, and I hope the price will not be so high. But I fear that that’s where we’re headed — on the verge of making an extraordinary geopolitical blunder that will be very difficult to undo or reverse once it’s already made. And so all we’re asking for is, ’Let’s have a vote on this.’ This matters enough to the American people, this matters enough to the safety and the future of our children and future generations. This matters enough to the world. It deserves a full debate and it deserves a vote. And if you’re against it, you can vote against it. If you’re against it, you can debate against it. We want to hear these arguments and your thoughts, but why can’t we vote on it? It deserves a vote. It’s that important.”

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