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Run Michael, Run

10:45 AM, Nov 2, 2012 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The New York Post reports that:

As hundreds of thousands of Big Apple residents suffer in homes left without power by Hurricane Sandy, two massive generators are being run 24/7 in Central Park — to juice a media tent for Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

And a third “backup” unit sits idle, in case one of the generators fails.

The mayor plainly believes that it is important that the great footrace go on, even as the city digs and bails and shivers in the dark in the aftermath of the storm.  He no doubt has his reasons.  Could be he believes the marathon is good for business.  Perhaps he thinks it is good for morale.  A demonstration of the city's resolve not to give in to the storm's fury ... or something along those lines.  There is something admirable in the determination not to allow natural disaster to disrupt the course of normal life and defiance is the heroic response when the fates punish. 

But prudence is usually advisable when you are in the business of government.   The mayor, however, doesn't test real high on prudence.  He is a big vision guy whose signature initiative has been to use the machinery of government to make sure the citizenry cuts out junk food and loses some weight.  So maybe the marathon needs to go on because the mayor sees it as a kind of inspirational event; a call to fitness.  

Or, maybe he is just a stubborn, autocratic politician who is used to getting his way and dreams of bigger things.  

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