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The Sarah Palin Non-Scandal of the Day: Deployed Bracelet Edition

7:38 PM, Feb 10, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Crooks & Liars: "As a mother, I am flabbergasted by the symbolism of this on many levels. I understand wanting to keep something close to me to remind me of my son as he risks his life on the battlefield--a button with his picture, maybe one with the crest of his specific branch of the military or even the ubiquitous yellow ribbon. Remember how Jim Webb wore his active duty son's combat boots while campaigning? But to wear a bracelet that someone had to order that would clearly indicate it's a memorial bracelet for your child that's alive? Horrifying."

UPDATE: Looks like the original writer and I should have fact checked more closely.

A correction or retraction has yet to appear on Robinson's piece, nor have the following three outlets added an update:

Daily Kos: "This blatant disregard for the norms of military families, and one of the most recognizable symbols of grief, while completely unsurprising, needs to be highlighted."

Huffington Post also gets in on the act.

Democratic Underground: "She is deranged."

It is times like this that I find the drive to tear down Sarah Palin so astonishing. The palm-writing story was dumb enough, but if you're going to take Palin on, there is perhaps no ground less advantageous than the service of her son and her genuine love for him. Yet many on the Left are truly convinced, to an embarrassing degree, that she's wearing a black memorial bracelet for her living son in a warzone out of some sort of ignorant, malicious opportunism. Which is supposed to gain her...what exactly?

Maybe she was just rarin' for yet another opportunity to reveal her political adversaries' overwrought, often pathetic obsession with her? Mission accomplished, then.

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