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Schumer and the Applejack Tax

4:45 PM, Apr 3, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Senator Schumer is playing to his softer, more rural side, again.  First, he proposed subsidies to stimulate maple syrup production in upstate New York.  Now, he wants to reduce the taxes paid by producers of hard cider.  As reported by Ramsey Cox in the Hill, Schumer is arguing:

“New York is the second-largest apple producer in the country, and there’s no doubt it should be at the core of the hard cider industry, which is rapidly growing in popularity ... However, current federal tax rules make it extremely costly for Capital Region producers and consumers alike to produce, market and sell this product.”

Umm.  Yes.  But don't taxes make it more costly for anyone to make anything?  They are a cost of doing business.  And if lowering them for the people whose product serves what could charitably be called a niche market, then why not for those who produce things more widely appealing.  

And, by the way, couldn't this be seen as promoting unhealthy behavior?  The stuff is alcoholic, after all.  What about the children?

Furthermore, don't we have a revenue problem?  Can we really afford this?  

Has the senator really thought this thing through?

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