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Schumer Warned of Immigration Riots?

2:44 PM, Jun 27, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Douglas MacKinnon, writing for the Washington Examiner:

Sen. Charles Schumer — the New York Democrat who is the lead sponsor of the Senate immigration reform bill — has warned that there could be huge demonstrations against the Republican Party should it vote down his highly flawed 1,000-plus-page bill drafted for the most part by his staff.

For most of the nation and much of the media, his warning has flown under the radar screen. It should not. It should not because it can and should be fairly asked if he was warning this could happen, or was he encouraging it to happen?

Said Schumer on left-of-center CNN: "This has the potential of becoming the next civil rights movement. I could envision in the late summer or early fall if [Speaker of the House John] Boehner tried to bottle the bill up or put something in without a path to citizenship — if there's not a path to citizenship, there's not a bill — I could see a million people on the Mall in Washington."

Again, he could "envision" and "see" that happening in the late summer or early fall, or is he calling for it to happen then? Is this the overheated rhetoric of a senator famed in Washington for needing media attention or is it something much more Machiavellian and disturbing in its intent?

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