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In Search of Grist for Obama's Mill

Will his fight against the BCS play well with the American people?

10:31 AM, Feb 3, 2010 • By BILL WHALEN
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2) Simon Cowell. Not only is he irritating, but his pending departure from American Idol could send that show into a death spiral, thus leaving a gigantic hole in the Tuesday night viewing plans of middle-class America.  Obama could easily scoff at American Idol’s demise (his State of the Union Address had nearly twice as many viewers last week). Or he can recognize that the 12,000 contestants who tried out for the show in his hometown of Chicago is a far more popular employment scheme than anything his administration has spawned.

3) Brangelina. Sure, they’re international do-gooders. But it’s their domestic side (are they still a couple?) that’s drowning out the Obama domestic agenda. Imagine a world without the tabloid obsession over l’affaire Pitt-Jolie – all that free media space that could instead be devoted to the virtue of the stimulus package! Perhaps it’s time for a second presidential beer summit, this time with Brad and Angelina. If he can broker a lacking peace between those two celebs, then he truly did deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

4) AT&T. Last week, while Apple unveiled its new iPad tablet, AT&T not coincidentally announced it would spend $2 billion to improve its 3G network (the company had briefly stopped selling iPhones online in New York City because it lacked the towers to handle the call traffic). Let’s assume presidents don’t have their calls dropped, but a lot of working-class Americans do (3G dead spots are a major hassle in tech-centric places you might not expect, like the Stanford University campus). While the president’s at it, why not tax credits for parents with over-texted teens?

Ultimately, the president’s troubles will work themselves out. He’ll find a foil.

And the good news: The American public soon may provide a new nemesis for him. It’s called a Republican Congress.

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