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Sestak Embellishes His Israel Record

AIPAC blows him out.

4:33 PM, Sep 29, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak has come under fire for his record on Israel. So now he's trying to embellish his record. Ben Smith reports:

The pro-Israel group AIPAC says a campaign ad from Rep. Joe Sestak that claims that, "According to AIPAC, Joe Sestak has a 100% pro-Israel voting record" is inaccurate.

The group, a spokesman said, does not not issue such evaluations.

"Joe Sestak does not have a 100% voting record on Israel issues according to AIPAC. It couldn't be true, we don't rate or endorse candidates," said AIPAC spokesman Josh Block of the ad, which ran in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

Sestak has faced repeated attacks over his stand on Israel since signing a January letter aimed at easing Israel's blockade of Gaza, though critics point more to letters and to sponsorship than to any votes that break with Congressional Democrats' generally pro-Israel party line. (There haven't been many actual difficult votes on the issue, one way or the other). And Sestak has sought in the past to associate himself with AIPAC.

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