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Son of Hamas on Fox News, Trial Starts Today

10:04 AM, Jun 30, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Fox News last night did a spot on Mosab Hassan Yousef:

As the video explains, Yousef was an Israeli agent embedded in the terrorist group Hamas -- and his father was a founding member and high ranking official in Hamas. The information he was able to provide the Israeli Shin Bet (Israel's FBI equivalent) saved the lives of many innocent civilians and helped bring terrorists to justice.

Idiotically, the Department of Homeland Security seeks to stymie his effort to gain political asylum here in the United States. In short, DHS's case boils down to this: He has ties to terror. Yousef's case: Sure, he was closely associated with Hamas (in a certain sense), but this was in the form of an informant, not as a terrorist himself.

His immigration trial is today, held in a court in Southern California. But, according to Yousef, whom I met with last week, DHS has promised to continue its efforts regardless of the outcome of today's trial. Likewise, Yousef will appeal the decision, if he is not granted political asylum here. So, regardless, this promises to be a years (decades?) long legal battle. 

DHS has limited resources, just as all agencies do. Is it really in its best interest to pursue this proven hero? 

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