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Sorry, ThinkProgress: Paul Ryan is Right to Say 'Obamacare Ends Medicare As We Know It'

3:00 PM, Jun 1, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Paul Ryan's plan involves bringing "premium supports" and leveraging private insurance markets, which make it similar to to the very popular Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D programs. In theory, what he's proposing shouldn't be all that unfamiliar to current Medicare recipients.

Obamacare is bureaucrats setting dubious price controls that are very likely to limit access to medical care. (Say it with me, Obamacare fans: Having insurance coverage does not mean that a doctor will treat you.) Further, there's absolutely no recourse for doctors or private citizens to challenge these bureaucratic decisions. Even Congress' hands are largely tied. In fact, taking 13 percent of the federal budget away from Congress and giving that responsibility to executive branch bureaucrats may well be unconstitutional.

So you tell me which plan is more like Medicare as we know it? Ryan is absolutely correct to say "Obamacare itself that ends Medicare as we know it."

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