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The Speaker Responds

10:51 AM, Apr 25, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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In response to reports that congressional leaders from both parties are seeking exemptions from Obamacare, Speaker John Boehner's spokesman released the following statement.


"The fact that Democratic leaders want to opt themselves out of the ObamaCare exchanges shows that Sen. Baucus isn't the only one who realizes the President's healthcare law is a 'train wreck.' The Speaker would like to see resolution of this problem, along with the other nightmares created by Washington Democrats' health law, which is why he supports full repeal. In the meantime, it is Democrats' problem to solve. He will not sneak any language into bills to solve it for them - and the Democratic leadership knows that," says spokesman Michael Steel.

The boss reacts, "That's good as far as it goes. But will the speaker commit to defeating such an effort in the House?"

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