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Finally, a Speaker Who Knows About Which She Speaks

11:28 AM, Mar 25, 2011 • By ADAM J. WHITE
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Washington lawyers are marking their calendars for the D.C. Courts' 36th Annual Judicial Conference.  The theme this year is, "Implicit Bias: Recognizing It and Dismantling It."

Linda Greenhouse

More importantly, the featured keynote speaker is ... Linda Greenhouse, the New York Times's longtime Supreme Court reporter.

This is a topic that the speaker knows a lot about. After all, Greenhouse's particular biases are well-documented. But please, be fair. For all we know, her remarks will be autobiographical, reflective and expansive, as her recent "surprising" discovery that -- lo and behold! -- the Supreme Court is not a pro-corporate monolith, and that Justices Scalia and Thomas sometimes disagree.

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