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A Spectacular Tenth Anniversary Issue

9:29 AM, May 6, 2011 • By THE SCRAPBOOK
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The Scrapbook is pleased to doff its homburg to the estimable Claremont Review of Books. The Tenth Anniversary issue just landed on our cluttered desk—with a bit of a thud, actually, since it’s a hefty double issue, running 118 pages. But a very high quality thud—it’s an astonishingly compelling assortment.

Claremont Review of Books

The Scrapbook, out of TWS solidarity, first perused William Kristol’s (rave) review of James Ceaser’s Designing a Polity. (As always, it’s well worth reading the boss, we hasten to add.) Then we moved on to meaty essays by Harvey Mansfield (on Tocqueville’s views of religion and liberty), Diana Schaub (on Facebook), Paul Cantor (on Chinua Achebe), Wilfred McClay (on American exceptionalism)—and there’s a lot more, and a lot more very, very good stuff.

With the Claremont Review (ten years old), the New Atlantis (eight years old), and now National Affairs and the Jewish Review of Books (each barely toddlers at less than two), we seem to be witnessing a revival of impressive intellectual quarterlies. We welcome these partners in crime to the conversation and the good fight, and urge our readers to take a look at all of them. 

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