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State Department on Gitmo Recidivism Rate: “We actually expected this to happen”

2:00 PM, Dec 8, 2010 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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If Crowley is telling the truth, and the administration expected this reinvigoration of the anti-American jihad and chose it anyway, that’s an extraordinary admission. If the administration did not expect this, they weren’t paying attention to the many warnings – from the military, from the intelligence community, from outside experts – that foretold this eventuality.

What’s clear is this: If they continue to release and transfer the terrorists who remain at Guantanamo – again, the worst of the worst – they will be strengthening the enemy. And at some point, after one of those former Guantanamo detainees takes part in a major terrorist attack, there is one thing no one in the Obama administration will be willing to say.

“We actually expected this to happen.”

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