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Struggle for China Continues

8:29 AM, Jun 4, 2013 • By JOSEPH A. BOSCO
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Almost a quarter-century after Tiananmen, a new set of Chinese leaders faces another generation’s yearning for political change.  Their voices are amplified by the Internet and social media even as the authorities strive to censor and block those outlets of free expression.

So far, Xi Jinping and his colleagues continue to disappoint hopes for political reform.  Instead, Xi emphasizes military prowess as a test of China’s greatness.  Communist Party media warn the public of “the dangers posed by views and theories advocated by the West.”

The world can hope that Mr. Xi will keep his own promise to the Chinese people to govern under the rule of law and will broaden that commitment to include political freedoms. Then, one day a Chinese leader will equal the moral stature of the Chinese dissidents and earn the Nobel Peace Prize that Deng Xiaoping sadly squandered back in 1989.

Joseph A. Bosco is a national security consultant. He was China desk officer in the office of the secretary of defense from 2005 to 2006.

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