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Students for Paul Ryan!

11:03 AM, Jun 24, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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John J. Miller discovers that Students for Paul Ryan 2012 is up and running. The group, which appears to be made up of a diverse group of students from across the country, wants fellow students to sign the following letter of support, urging House Budget chair Paul Ryan to run for president:

Dear Congressman Ryan,

We, the undersigned, are students and other young people concerned with the fiscal state of the America we are inheriting. Piling debts, looming default, rumors of a great stagnation, and the nearing bankruptcy of our social safety net have jilted us from the apathy that too often characterizes our generation’s political disposition. We know inertia is not a policy.

You have put forward the best plan to date at reconciling the tough road ahead. We believe stewardship of our republic will require sacrifice, especially on the part of those who, like us, will have time to adjust to the new social compact. We are willing to make those sacrifices because every other way is tougher. We know we will not have the hefty defined benefit packages our grandparents have received—we just want our leaders to level with us and pursue serious reform.

We have been inspired by your Roadmap for America’s Future and the Path to Prosperity, two proposals that do level with us, that do not succumb to the temptation of inertia. Your sober arithmetic is correctly matched by a sense of confidence in American self-government and in the vigor of the American people. We need more leaders like you in every elected office, including the White House.

Therefore, we urge you to run for President in this upcoming cycle. We need a clear, principled alternative to our current course. We will vote for you, we will tell our friends and classmates about you, and we will remind those unwilling to join us just how difficult the choices ahead will be without the right leader. We need your proposals, your seriousness, and, most of all, your leadership.

Again and again, the United States of America has found the citizen leader who fit the moment. When we needed a steady hand in our early days, we found George Washington. When we needed to be reminded of our founding propositions and needed steadfast courage to see us through our trial by fire, we found Abraham Lincoln. When our confidence abroad was sapped and malaise overtook our economy, we found Ronald Reagan.

Now, it’s your moment. We know you didn’t ask for this, and we know you haven’t had plans to run for President. But history has a way of calling the leaders it needs. We hope you hear that call and decide to run in 2012.


Sign up here.

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