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Syrian Psychosis

8:10 AM, Apr 27, 2012 • By LEE SMITH
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From the worthies who authored the Iraq Study Group to Gen. David Petraeus, from Jim Baker to Bill Clinton, from John Kerry to Barack Obama, everyone wanted to engage Assad. What they thought was sophisticated diplomacy—convincing Assad of his true interests—amounted to nothing more than missionary work. The number of policymakers and Middle East analysts who argued against warming up to Assad—who cited his past record and identified the trail of blood that led back to his door, and who showed that the Syrian president was a serious problem and that American interests, as well as regional stability, would be best served by Assad’s demise—is so small that it couldn’t fill out the bench of an NBA team. And in any case, they were all dismissed as ideologues—like George W. Bush, who unconscionably withdrew the U.S. ambassador from Damascus after Assad was believed to have had former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri assassinated.

Assad deserves no credit for conning the U.S. foreign policy establishment, for the foolishness, the empty talk, and the vanity is all self-generated. And it goes on. Some Republican Senators, like Richard Lugar and Bob Corker, can’t decide if America should still be demanding Assad’s exit. Corker says he thinks “it's odd to state as a national policy that we want to see Assad gone.”

In the meantime, the slaughter continues apace, while the Obama administration has handed its Syria policy off to Russia, under the umbrella of the Annan plan, the evil consequences of which can be partly gleaned in these two videos

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