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A Tax Is a Tax Is a Tax

7:00 AM, Jul 3, 2012 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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“It doesn’t quite matter whether Romney calls this a tax, a penalty, or a potato. Voters will call it a tax and so will every other Republican candidate running for every other office,” he says. “It will be the most popular attack ad in Senate and House campaigns. Much like the president resisted the term Obamacare before he embraced it, we are two months away from even Romney calling it a tax. Gravity cannot be suspended.”

By the end of the day, the Romney campaign sought to portray the episode as an example of Obama’s hypocrisy. “The Supreme Court left President Obama with two choices: the federal individual mandate in Obamacare is either a constitutional tax or an unconstitutional penalty,” said spokesperson Andrea Saul, in a press release. “Governor Romney thinks it is an unconstitutional penalty. What is President Obama’s position: is his federal mandate unconstitutional or is it a tax?”

It’s a question that the Court already answered.

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