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Teachers Bill Does Not Aid Teachers

9:14 AM, Aug 12, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Chris Moody at the Daily Caller discovers that the teachers bill, which brought Congress back from its August recess for an emergency session this week, wasn't really for the teachers after all. How do we know? Well, according to Moody, states that don't need it will receive money from the federal government: 

The federal government estimates that the bill will save 161,000 teaching jobs, but North Dakota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alaska and a handful of other states have kept their educational pay rolls full despite the recession, which has drastically lowered government revenues around the country. Since the new bill provides funds based on state population and the number of children in school, these states will receive funds even if their budgets are in the black. This has some employees at state education departments wondering exactly how they will spend all the fresh cash.

Arkansas, for example, has a fully funded teaching staff for the coming year, but the state will still receive up to $91 million for teaching jobs....

There are also states that are receiving new funds that have not even finished spending the money they received for education from last year’s stimulus bill. Illinois and West Virginia are still holding onto $670 million and $274 million of unspent stimulus money, respectively. Over the next few months Illinois will get another $415 million and West Virginia will collect $55 million for education.

There, of course, is another possibility here: It could be that the lawmakers, in their haste, just got sloppy. Sloppiness is the reason they forgot to name that very bill in the first place

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