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Ted, Teddy, and the Natalist Impulse

11:10 AM, Dec 7, 2010 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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It’s crackerjack stuff and worth reading in full. The most interesting part of the text is when Roosevelt foresees the creation of a global class of childfree folks, such as Japan’s parasaito shinguru:

Inasmuch as I am speaking to an assemblage of mothers, I shall have nothing whatever to say in praise of an easy life. Yours is the work which is never ended. No mother has an easy time, the most mothers have very hard times; and yet what true mother would barter her experience of joy and sorrow in exchange for a life of cold selfishness, which insists upon perpetual amusement and the avoidance of care, and which often finds its fit dwelling place in some flat designed to furnish with the least possible expenditure of effort the maximum of comfort and of luxury, but in which there is literally no place for children?

Ted Turner would be horrified. Or maybe not. The billionaire who wants the rest of the planet to stop having children has five kids himself.

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