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Terrorists Strike Israeli Family in Itamar

5:17 PM, Mar 15, 2011 • By DANIEL GELERNTER
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Last Friday night, March 11, Palestinian terrorists broke into a home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar and stabbed to death everyone they found inside. The father, Udi Fogel, and his three-month-old daughter, Hadas, had their throats slit in bed. The mother, Ruth, was stabbed as she came out of the bathroom.

Terrorists Strike Israeli Family in Itamar

The terrorists went to the next bedroom and stabbed an eleven-year-old in his heart and slit a four-year-old boy’s throat. The murderers left the house without finding the two other sleeping children inside. The family’s 12-year-old daughter had been with friends and discovered the remains of her family when she came home later that night.

Photographs of the murdered family were released to the press. They were posted shortly afterward on YouTube, though the video-sharing website removed them two hours later.  

Back in Washington, the Obama administration expressed “deep concern” – not about the murders, but about the continuing Israeli settlement construction. State Department spokeswoman Tanya Powell called the settlements illegitimate but had nothing to say about the Fogel family.

In Gaza, the murders were celebrated with carnivals, and Hamas handed out sweets to passers-by.

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