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Texas Senator Offers 'National Conceal-Carry Reciprocity Legislation'

10:23 AM, Apr 17, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Texas senator John Cornyn announced this morning that he's offering "National Conceal-Carry Reciprocity Legislation" in the Senate, according to a press release from his office.

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"U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced an amendment to S. 649 which would guarantee the rights of gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines and within other states that also have conceal-carry laws," the press release from his office reads.

"The Constitutional Concealed Carry Act of 2013 would treat state-issued conceal-carry permits like drivers’ licenses, allowing law-abiding citizens with conceal-carry privileges to conceal-carry in any other states that also permits it by law. The amendment is supported by the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation."

In a statement released by his office, Cornyn says, “Balancing two of this nation’s most fundamental rights, this measure ensures that law-abiding Americans are able to lawfully carry their weapons across state lines while respecting the rights of each individual state to pass laws that are right for them.”

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