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‘They've Got My Record as Governor’

1:27 PM, Jan 8, 2012 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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In this morning’s Republican presidential debate on Meet the Press, David Gregory asked Mitt Romney, “What would you say to conservatives, so that they'll trust that you'll stand up for conservative principles?” Without skipping a beat, Romney replied, “They've got my record as governor.”

Mitt Romney

That record, of course, includes his health care law, which imposed an individual mandate requiring essentially everyone in the state to buy government-approved health insurance, created government-run health care “exchanges” and offered huge taxpayer-funded subsidies for insurance purchased through them, significantly expanded Medicaid, and increased access to taxpayer-subsidized abortion.

Did such expansions of government do anything to fix the central problem with health care in the state?  In Romney's own book, he favorably quotes Harvard-affiliated doctor Atul Gawande's comments about Romney's efforts. Gawande says, “The Massachusetts plan didn't do anything about medical costs.”

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