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Thiessen v. Mayer

10:28 AM, Apr 14, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Marc Thiessen responds to Jane Mayer's attack on his book Courting Disaster:

With her recent review of my book, Courting Disaster, Jane Mayer may have done a service to future generations of public servants. The week her article appeared in The New Yorker, former CIA director Mike Hayden handed it out in his class at George Mason University’s School of Public Policy as an example of all that is wrong with intelligence journalism today.

Little wonder General Hayden chose Mayer’s piece as a teaching moment. Her review is replete with factual errors, contradictions, and straw men. She repeatedly misrepresents what is said in my book, and leaves out vital details that undermine her arguments.

Continued here.

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