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A Memo on Romney's TV Ads

12:00 AM, Sep 19, 2012 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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Yet Barack Obama is trying to kill these energy breakthroughs. He killed the Keystone XL pipeline with Canada. His EPA wants to outlaw these new revolutionary technologies [vertical bar graph with wages going down again as energy prices go up]. He suggests failed taxpayer subsidized solar panel companies and windmills are the way to go [sign of Solyndra].

This is a critical moment. We can become an energy exporter [show Arab sheiks no longer laughing]. Wages and salaries can rise again [cheering crowds]. This is big. We can do this!

Other spots should address: (1) How jobs are created. Explain the 80 Percent Rule: Roughly 80 percent of new jobs come from young, small businesses; more than 80 percent of those jobs come after a firm goes public; but since Obama was elected, the number of firms going public has dropped by more than 80 percent. One big reason: It now costs $1-3 million in legal fees to go public as a result of Washington’s new regulations. Why are there so few new jobs? How many small businesses do you know have millions sitting around simply to pay lawyers?; and

(2) Using John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan as examples, argue that despite Obama’s claims to the contrary, reform of the tax code creating lower tax rates can dramatically raise growth rates and the level of job creation.

A third example is Bill Clinton. He cut the capital gains tax rate 30 percent in the 1990s and agreed to Republican budgets to control spending (the Romney and last Clinton budgets are the same in size as a percentage of GDP). Job creation and economic growth soared.

Give a historical context to Romney’s agenda. Explain that what Mitt Romney is proposing is a version of the successful growth policies of Kennedy, Reagan and, yes, Clinton. Those policies worked then; they’ll work now.

Final point: Romney talks of debt as burdening the future of our “children’s children.” The truth is people are pretty selfish. What they really care about is themselves. You might, therefore, explain the exploding debt problem using the analogy of cigarette smoking. You know it’s bad for your health. It’ll kill you. There are no bad symptoms yet, and you enjoy the short-term pleasure of the smoke. But unless you stop, catastrophe lies ahead.

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