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The Trojan Trump?

10:20 AM, Apr 20, 2011 • By DAVID BOZE
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Trump is a compelling man, a wildly successful entrepreneur, and has gravitas and charisma to spare—but he’s not proving himself to be a candidate with the political agility to beat Obama. Trump appears blinded by his admiration for his own bold defiance on the “birther” issue, while oblivious to its effect—the orchestration of a political twofer for the Obama administration that serves as both a distraction from Obama’s vulnerable issues and diminished potential Republican challengers. Trump has plunged headlong into this effort as effectively as if he were a puppet on their strings. And the fact of Trump’s wealth doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the best man for the job any more than it means Bill Gates would be an even better man for the job. Political incentives and tactics are not always the same as those in business.   

President Obama will start off with the advantages of incumbency, vast sums of money, and an advanced get out the vote political machine. At stake is freedom in health care, entitlement reform, tax reform, the federal courts and possibly the Supreme Court, and the future of this nation. Trump may yet be a gift, but voters should first check what’s inside.

David Boze is a talk radio host on 770 KTTH in Seattle.

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