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The U.K. Hits Tipping Point

10:21 AM, Jul 15, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The Henry Jackson Society yesterday released an important report titled, “The Tipping Point: British National and the UK’s Future World Role.” The report is written by sitting Tory MP Bernard Jenkin and HJS director of global security George Grant. 


The core point of the white paper is this: the U.K. is at a “tipping point” where it is, through lack of sound strategic thinking and defense planning, on the verge of losing its “position as a global power with a global role” and, instead, “by default,” becoming “just another European country.” This is compounded by the fact that, as the Libya conflict shows, the “government still aspires to the global role, but is cutting [U.K.] capabilities to the point where only a limited regional role will be possible in the future.” And, for  “those who believe that the UK can no longer afford to maintain a global role neglect the fact that power is an essential guarantor of prosperity. The reason why British citizens have been able to enjoy the social, economic and political freedoms that so many now take for granted over the past 50 years is because we have, working closely with our allies, retained the capabilities necessary to keep the threats to that freedom and prosperity at bay.”  

Read the whole thing here.

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