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Undermining McChrystal

After delaying the surge, White House officials are upset because troops aren't deploying fast enough to Afghanistan.

1:25 PM, Jan 11, 2010 • By JAMIE FLY
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White House officials are supposedly upset because an essential component of a fast drawdown in 2011 is getting the initial surge there as soon as possible to begin to make progress.  The Pentagon agrees with the need to make progress quickly, but is dealing with real-world logistical challenges of implementing what is essentially a politically-imposed timeline.  Despite Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell’s claim that the Times “fabricated” this latest controversy, it is clear that someone in the White House wanted to get the anti-McChrystal message out.  It seems that Biden et al. are still frustrated that the lost the battle during the Afghanistan policy review (Biden was also on the losing side of the first review back in March as well) and are looking for ways to further their agenda and sow doubt about what can be accomplished prior to July 2011.

The president took a while, but he made the right decision in December.  Gen. McChrystal appears to understand what he needs to do with the additional resources the president provided to create the conditions for success in Afghanistan.  He doesn’t need second guessing by political hacks at the White House.  President Obama should now exercise some leadership in his own White House and tell his vice president and his political advisers that undermining his commanders on the ground is counterproductive and unacceptable.

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