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Union Protesters Cause $7.5 million in Damages to Wisc. State Capitol

11:50 AM, Mar 4, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

State officials said Thursday that damage to the marble inside and out the State Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million.

Cari Anne Renlund, chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration, said in Dane County court that estimates of damage to marble includes $6 million to repair damaged marble inside the Capitol, $1 million for damage outside and $500,000 for costs to supervise the damage.

Much of the damage apparently has come from tape used to put up signs and placards at the Capitol.

It was not immediately clear how the estimates were made, though the state is apparently relying on opinions by historical architects, one of whom works for the U.S. Park Service.

One concern is the residue from tape that the state says is causing damage to stone and other surfaces inside the Capitol.

Again, I keep coming back to the same question: What if a Tea Party protest had done this? That's an especially good question considering Tea Party protests have a reputation for cleanliness.

And I cant even fathom what would the media firestorm if someone were to find live ammunition at a Tea Party event.

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