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University Pulls Out of 'White Privilege Conference'

3:18 PM, Jun 19, 2014 • By CHARLOTTE ALLEN
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That severing process proceeded both slowly and semi-secretively, according to an email written by Lambert that I obtained. The Matrix Center’s name continued to appear online in connection with the conference at least through early 2014, and the White Privilege Conference’s website continued to contain links to UCCS for weeks after the pullout, although the Conference, which is now organized as a freestanding nonprofit, ultimately took down the links at UCCS’s request. And at least for this year, UCCS students were able to receive academic credit for attending the conference, held in March in Madison, Wisconsin. According to Hutton, about ten of them did so. Ferber wrote in an e-mail to me she “will continue to be involved in . . . the national planning team for the WPC.”

And there was one major difference between this year’s White Privilege Conference and last year’s: No press allowed, or at least no conservative press. Adam Tobias, a writer for the Wisconsin Reporter who had written a story indicating that the taxpayers of Madison, Wisconsin, would be picking up part of the tab for the fifteenth conference, was told by a conference spokesman that the proceedings were “private” and was denied admittance.

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