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Update from The Weekly Standard Cruise

From Sydney, Nova Scotia.

11:33 AM, Aug 24, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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My stringer aboard the New England/Canada WEEKLY STANDARD cruise emails today from the town of Sydney on Cape Breton.

"Yesterday, as I reported, while most cruisers enjoyed the sights, nature walks, and public gardens in beautiful weather in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bill Kristol and Phil Terzian were found  in an incredibly cluttered and dusty used bookstore.

Today, everyone's been out enjoying the picturesque town of Sydney and its environs in, once again, sparkling and clear weather--except Kristol and, this time, Matt Continetti. After being spotted first in the small St. George's church admiring a chair from Admiral's quarters on a warship presented to the church in 1800 by Lord Nelson, they were then found, fifteen minutes later, a few blocks down Charlotte Street, absorbed in the one book store of Sydney. Reynolds Books Store specializes, according to their business card, in "Previously Loved Books," and used paperbacks by Elmore Leonard and Michael Connelly, and an old volume of Churchill speeches, were glimpsed among the TWS editors' purchases.

Everyone else seems to be having a great time, engaged in more normal sightseeing and hiking-type pursuits."

Details about the next WEEKLY STANDARD cruise will be available at

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