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Voting Les Bums Out

2:12 PM, May 27, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Going by the returns, the voters were weary of high unemployment, economic growth that it would be charitable to call “sluggish,” and a high-living, rule-writing bureaucratic elite enthralled by its own policymaking genius and inclined to dismiss critics as ignorant racists. 

Not the United States (though who can say how the November elections might go) but Europe. The European Union, to be precise.

The voting for representation in the European parliament, late last week, made it plain that a lot of people do not think of themselves as “European,” but as Frenchmen, Spaniards, Italians, etc.  They voted against centralization and the people who administer it from Brussels where they dine well and regulate incessantly and high-handedly.

The returns got the attention of the political class in Europe.  As the BBC reports:

French President Francois Hollande has called an urgent meeting of his cabinet, as Prime Minister Manuel Valls promised tax cuts a day after the results which he described as "a shock, an earthquake”.

Angela Merkel expressed disappointment in a benevolent sort of way, describing:

... the far right victories as "remarkable and regrettable" and said the best response was to boost economic growth and jobs.

“Far right” being the only kind of right that the establishment media (whether in Europe or the U.S.) recognizes. There is no “near” right. The part about growth and jobs seems obvious enough that one is inclined to ask, “Did you need an election to tell you that is a good idea?"

The actual EU princes were neither cowed nor charitable.  Jean-Claude Juncker, whose party will lose 60 of its seats in the European parliament, but still hold a majority, said of the election results said, "The extreme right, contrary to what some of the media has said, did not win this election,” and added:

"We will have a clear pro-European majority in this house." 

And the people will be ignored.  Until they learn to show a little gratitude.

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