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We’ve Got ‘Em On the Run; Sound Retreat

3:06 PM, Jan 30, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Included in the political news of the morning (flash, bulletin: Hillary Clinton is still the front runner for the Democratic nomination) is an interesting item suggesting that Democratic party insiders, fat cats, and such have all but decided that reinstalling Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House has become a forlorn hope and that it is time to deploy all available resources and energies into keeping the Senate.  As Alex Isenstadt of Politico writes

The triage idea is taking hold in phone conversations among donors and in strategy sessions between party operatives. Even some of the people who have invested the most to get House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi back into the speaker’s chair are moving in that direction.

Republicans meanwhile, displaying their customary instinct for their own jugular, are trying to work out something on immigration.

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