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What Can Great Scott's Brown Out Do For You?

Scott Brown's win has left editors at a loss for words. (Or at least puns.)

7:18 PM, Jan 26, 2010 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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My friend John Buckley, who works for an investment company in New York, called me the other day with explicit advice: "Whatever you do, don't use the headline 'What Can Brown Do For You?'" with regard to Senator-elect Scott Brown's historic win in Massachusetts.

"Has it been used already?" I wondered. Of course it has—though not as often as you'd think.

According to Nexis, over the last month, "What Can Brown Do For You?" was used as a headline five times. (Technically four since the Washington Independent said "What Can Brown Do For Us?")

"Great Scott!" on the other hand has been run a total of nine times over the past month (including in our current issue). (National Journal's The Hotline treated the line with reckless abandon, using it on three separate occasions.)

Headlines that included the words "Brown-Out" totaled five times. This does not include its mention in the London Guardian, however, which was referring to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

And finally, titles that included the phrase "Heckuva job, Brownie!" also totaled five times. (Yes, it is odd how five is a recurring number.)

But editors need not despair. Still unused are: "Brown-Eyed Boy," "Apple Brown Betty," "New Brown Shoe," "Brown Bunny," "The Unsinkable Scott Brown," and "Foxy Brown." But hurry—time is running out!

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