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What David Cameron Doesn't Know About Turkey

Turkey is sponsoring the jihadists, not guarding against them.

3:10 PM, Jul 29, 2010 • By MICHAEL WEISS
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Most startlingly, in the last three years, Turkey has hosted seven conferences and fundraisers for Hamas whereas it never did before AKP came to power. The first one, in July 2006, was attended by Qaradawi, members of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and was given the rather milquetoast title, “Muslims in Europe,” likely because it was funded and organized by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (this was before Qaradawi, who’d twice been invited as a honored guest to London by leftist mayor Ken Livingstone, had been banned from traveling to England altogether).  Another confab, “Jerusalem Day,” held in November 2007, called for “liberating Jerusalem through jihad from the Zionists.” And almost a year to the day before the flotilla episode, Istanbul was host to something known as the “Palestine Collaboration Conference,” which again legitimized violence against Israel and featured invited guests Qaradawi, the former Sudanese president Mushir Sivar Ez-Zehehb and Hamas’s spokesman in Lebanon, Usame Hamdan. One AKP deputy at this gathering claimed that Israel “commits genocide in Palestine.” Erdogan, in defending the current president of Sudan and indicted mass murderer, has recently claimed that Muslims are incapable of committing genocide themselves.

So if David Cameron believes that Germany and France are the ones acting hypocritically by challenging Turkey’s integration into Europe, how does he explain extolling a country that both loves and is beloved by one of Europe’s declared enemies?  

Michael Weiss is the executive director of Just Journalism, a London-based think tank that monitors the British media's coverage of Israel and the Middle East.

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