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What Happened to “Crippling Sanctions?”

Maybe after A'jad gets a bomb.

12:28 PM, Jan 15, 2010 • By JAMIE FLY
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So, despite the fact that President Obama’s deadline has passed, the State Department is preparing for “deliberative discussions” and “a very long process.”   And even though Iran has repeatedly slapped the President’s outstretched hand, the administration has still not abandoned its engagement strategy.  The unfortunate reality is that a “dual track” approach won’t work because the Iranians realize that there is no sanctions track given that the Obama administration has nothing to show for its vaunted diplomatic skills.

What we learned in 2009 was that engagement will not prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.  Our best hope now is change of the Iranian regime from within.  The United States should be taking all necessary measures to make regime change a reality.  This involves supporting the Iranian opposition both rhetorically and practically as well as implementing the broadest sanctions possible both unilaterally as well as with likeminded allies.  These are “crippling” actions.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration seems all too content to play footsie with Moscow and Beijing while Iran kills its own citizens and continues to make progress toward a nuclear weapon.

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