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Morning Jay: How Romney Can Win

6:00 AM, Sep 20, 2012 • By JAY COST
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2. He will reduce the deficit by cutting Obama’s wasteful spending and putting our entitlement system on a long-term sustainable path.

3. He will repeal Obamacare and replace it with a system that emphasizes competition and portability – making health insurance more affordable and more secure.

4. He will lower the cost of energy and food. On energy, he will open up new areas for oil drilling and green-light the Keystone pipeline. On food, he will end the madness of the Obama Fed’s money printing, which only helps Wall Street while raising the price of basic necessities for the average American.

This is a “full dinner pail” / “advance agent of prosperity” pitch, even down to the monetary aspect of point 4, which McKinley would surely love. Romney should take these four points and, like Bush, repeat them again and again, then again and again. By Election Day, every swing voter should be able to repeat: “tax reform, deficit reduction, repeal Obamacare, drill baby drill, reform the Fed.”

If he does that, he will win.

Jay Cost is a staff writer for THE WEEKLY STANDARD and the author of Spoiled Rotten: How the Politics of Patronage Corrupted the Once Noble Democratic Party and Now Threatens the American Republic, available now wherever books are sold. 

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