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What Would Harry Truman Do?

1:10 PM, Dec 23, 2011 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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He would side with Josh Block, who blew the whistle on rabidly anti-Israel and borderline anti-Jewish statements on the left, and who for his efforts has been expelled from membership in the Truman National Security Project.

Truman initiating Korean involvement

Block is a pro-Israel Clinton-type liberal (who in fact served in the Clinton administration). The Truman Project says that it seeks to advance a ”strong progressive national security policy,” and claims to represent mainstream liberal and Democratic foreign policy thinking. Doesn’t the expulsion of Block suggest that it is now impossible to be unapologetically pro-Israel—and publicly hostile to those who are anti-Israel—and remain a member in good standing of the liberal and Democratic foreign policy establishment?

Or will others associated with the Truman Project—the advisory board includes Madeleine Albright, Will Marshall, and Bill Perry—accept this action? Do they think Harry Truman would approve of the purge of a well-regarded pro-Israel activist from the Truman Project?  

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