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When Bam Met Jan

3:45 PM, Jun 3, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Imagining this conversation is much more fun if you imagine Jan Brewer as the real-life embodiment of Chris Buckley's "Supreme Courtship" heroine, Pepper Cartwright. A fiesty, Texan TV judge who is out of her element but never out of her depth in Washington, D.C., Pepper's the kind of woman who would say something, well, exactly like this:

VAN SUSTEREN: You seem pretty tough. You don't seem -- you seem pretty tough. You don't seem very afraid. You going to be in awe when you walk into that Oval Office or are you going to be just as tough tomorrow with the president?

BREWER: Well, you know, it's -- it is awesome to be able to go and speak with the president of the United States. It's not my first rodeo with the president of the United States. I've been very fortunate, having served in office (INAUDIBLE) my lifetime, that I was there with Ronald Reagan, I was there with Papa Bush, I was there with G.W. Bush. And so I've been there a few times, so -- you know, after all, it's our house, right? 

Brewer met with the president today for at least 30 minutes, perhaps 45, according to Major Garrett, before she addressed the media in a short press conference.

Brewer reported that Obama's criticism's of the bill, including that it was "misguided," were "kind of brushed over." She called the meeting "very cordial." When asked if the she thought the president understood all the provisions of the bill, she said:

"He's a well-learned man & lawyer. If he's read the law, I'm sure he understands the law."

A follow-up question asked whether she thought he had read the bill. She simply smiled.

The two discussed border security, and she tried to get a commitment from Obama to begin construction on a border fence within a month. She did not get that, but she got a commitment that he would send staffers to talk to her and perhaps visit the border within a month.

Brewer sounded competent, polite, and notably un-crazy, which will surely frustrate her critics, and stood by her state's actions saying, ""I think we're protecting the people of AZ and more importantly, I think we're protecting the people of America."

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