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When Palin's Picks Didn't Pan Out

Palin's batting average is .667.

5:18 PM, Sep 9, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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In light of Sarah Palin's endorsement of Christine O'Donnell in the Delaware Senate primary, it's worth recalling that she hasn't always endorsed winning candidates. According to the Washington Post's Palin Endorsements Tracker (TM), 20 Palin-backed candidates have won, 10 have lost, and 13 haven't faced voters yet.

When Palin's Picks Didn't Pan Out

But Palin has weighed in six times in GOP Senate primaries.*

In Washington state's August jungle primary, Palin-backed former football player Clint Didier only captured 12 percent of the vote, while Dino Rossi won the GOP nomination with 34 percent.

In California's three-way race between Carly Fiorina, moderate Tom Campbell, and Jim DeMint-backed Chuck DeVore, Fiorina surged past Campbell to victory following Palin's May 7 endorsement. (Then again, Fiorina's flooding the airwaves with TV ads until May may better explain her bounce in the polls.)

We'll know on Tuesday how her endorsements in the Delaware and New Hampshire Senate primaries pan out.

Correction: This is what I get for mocking the Palin Endorsements Tracker (TM) website: I originally wrote that Palin had only endorsed two Senate candidates in primaries that have taken place so far, but Dave Weigel points out that Palin has also endorsed Joe Miller (win) in Alaska and Todd Tiahrt (loss) in Kansas. Palin also endorsed Rand Paul (win) in Kentucky and John McCain (win) in Arizona.

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