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White House Claims Support from Republican Governor, then Backs Away

9:03 AM, Sep 9, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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At 6:51 a.m., the White House sent out an email with the following subject: "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Backs American Jobs Act." It was odd, not because Snyder is a Republican, but because the governor's statement was not an endorsement of the president's plan at all. 


The Michigan governor first noted certain overlap in regard to certain policy proposals in Obama's approach and his own. "Tonight the president laid out a plan calling for many changes at the federal level that we have already made here in Michigan," Snyder's statement read. "The president proposed cutting payroll taxes for small businesses in half to encourage job growth; in Michigan, we already ended the double tax on small businesses. The president proposed ending loopholes for corporations. In Michigan, we already did that by switching to a flat, 6 percent corporate income tax that is simple, fair and efficient. These are changes that will help create an environment where jobs can grow, and they should be considered by Congress."

Snyder went on to "urge our leaders in D.C. to continue to follow Michigan’s lead by balancing the budget, paying down long-term debt and saving for the future," and praise the selection of Republicans Dave Camp and Fred Upton to the supercommittee. 

But in no way did his statement actually endorse the plan the president laid out last night at a joint session of Congress, as the White House suggested by saying "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Backs American Jobs Act."

Sure enough, within an hour, the White House backed away from claiming Snyder's endorsement. At 7:34 a.m., the White House resent the same email but with a different subject: "CORRECTED: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on American Jobs Act." 

Indeed. The second subject line better reflects the content of Snyder's statement.

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