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The White House Flips, Then Flops on Women in the Workplace

Not as deft as Carney’s skillet flipping abilities.

7:18 AM, Apr 22, 2014 • By WHITNEY BLAKE
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A few months ago when Obamacare was in free fall, many were left scratching their heads when the Democrats were touting stay-at-home motherhood as one of the perks of Obamacare.

Forget shattering the glass ceiling; instead Obamacare was going to afford women the opportunity to do what they really wanted -- stay home with their kids. There was even the implication that women should be doing this instead of remaining “job-locked” -- a much touted, terrible condition from which women everywhere needed rescuing. Here’s Joe Biden on The View back in February:

How many of you are single women with children in a dead-end job, you're there because of your health insurance. You would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple of years with your child until they get -- if that was your choice, until they get into primary school. You're now trapped in that job because if you leave, you lose your health insurance. Now you’ll be able to make an independent choice: Do you want to stay in that job and still have health insurance, or do you want to stay in that job even though you can get health insurance absent that job? It gives women a great deal more freedom.

Put aside the fact that liberals never cite the virtues of stay-at-home motherhood and mock those who dare say that women can’t “have it all” or those who actually choose and enjoy homemaking. After all, the White House was desperate at the time to invent any positives about Obamacare in the face of rising premiums and deductibles, smaller networks, and plan cancellations.

Who were all these desperate, destitute moms that would love to stay at home, if only they could buy their own health insurance? We never really found out.

But it turns out more women actually have been staying at home over the last few years, the overall majority of them by choice. From USA Today:

A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that the percentage of mothers of children under 18 who don't work outside the home has risen over the past decade to 29% in 2012, up from 23% in 1999. Two-thirds of them are "traditional" married stay-at-home mothers with working husbands, but a growing number are unmarried.

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