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The Whole World Isn't Watching

5:37 PM, Oct 11, 2012 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The debate tonight between Representative Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden could be a game changer ... or not.  The usual media suspects are all over the debate with analysis and predictions that may, or may not, prove helpful.  Hard to recall anyone who divined how the debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney turned out.  The pattern here is that we are told what to expect and then, when the unexpected happens, told why we should have expected it all along.

Anyway ... there will be a debate tonight and, according to Rasmussen, 18 percent of the voters believe it will strongly influence their choice.  This, against 12 percent who say the debate will have no influence on their decision.  One suspects, however, that a lot of them will be tuning in for the possible entertainment value and because there is so little on television with so much potential for surprise.  Vice President Biden, for instance, might start challenging Representative Ryan or the moderator to an IQ contest.  

There is one television alternative.  Tennessee versus Pittsburgh on the NFL channel.  The Titans are one of the league's doormats this year and playing their backup quarterback so this is not, certainly, an A-list game.  But, then, it is better than no football at all.  One could TiVo the game or, for that matter, the debate.  Or, watch one and catch the highlights of the other.  

And look forward to the day when the election is not the most important in your lifetime and choosing between an NFL game and a VP debate is no choice at all and the only question is ... "What time are they kicking off?" 

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