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Why Bolivia Needs the United States

8:15 AM, Jun 5, 2013 • By JAIME DAREMBLUM
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Meanwhile, with the aid of his country’s natural-resource wealth, Morales continues to transform Bolivia into a mini-Venezuela. He has trampled checks and balances, persecuted his opponents, encouraged mob violence, and seized private companies. On April 29, the Morales-allied Bolivian constitutional court ruled that he could legally seek a third term in office, even though the national constitution says that presidents cannot serve more than two terms. (The court’s reasoning was that Morales had been elected to his first term under the old constitution. Bolivia enacted a new one in 2009.)

Morales may prefer to govern as an anti-American autocrat. But to prevent drug trafficking and drug-related violence from spiraling out of control, he will need U.S. support.

Ambassador Jaime Daremblum is director of the Center for Latin American Studies at the Hudson Institute.

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