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Why This Boycott Is Not Like the Others

3:02 PM, Jan 6, 2014 • By MAX EDEN
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The intellectual fare accompanying the panel is hardly more credible. The official “documentary evidence” filed against Israel contains articles from the hate website Electronic Intifada, and a report by the Palestinian group “Right to Enter,” which is based entirely on anecdotes and contains no mention of terrorism, security, or any legitimate justifications for visa security.

Will the MLA’s members look past the carefully hedged language of the resolution to the clearly audible music of hatred? Will they endorse a vile double-standard in which Israel is attacked for its legitimate security concerns while the policies of dozens of countries that refuse to grant any visas to Israelis are ignored? Unlike the past three resolutions, this resolution is not yet a fait accompli. It will be a litmus test of the credulity and morality of the MLA and indeed of America’s professoriate.

Max Eden researches education issues at the American Enterprise Institute. 


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