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Will Obama Intervene to Change Dem. Platform on Deficit Reduction?

8:08 AM, Sep 6, 2012 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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President Barack Obama himself intervened in amending of the Democratic party platform. Before a tumultuous floor vote to change the platform, there was no reference to "God" and the document lacked an assertion that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. On the removal of God, Obama reportedly said, "Why was it changed in the first place?"

Obama Portrait 2006

So now that Obama is altering the platform, will he also intervene to add language regarding deficit reduction? After all, Obama and congressional Democrats have publicly advocated a "balanced approach" to paying down the deficit; former White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee describes it as a "three to one" ratio of spending cuts to tax increases.

But as Talking Points Memo reported, the Democratic platform draws a different line in the sand: no more spending cuts to reduce the deficit. Instead, the platform focuses on raising taxes:

We support allowing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest to expire and closing loopholes and deductions for the largest corporations and the highest-earning taxpayers. We are committed to reforming our tax code so that it is fairer and simpler, creating a tax code that lives up to the Buffett Rule so no millionaire pays a smaller share of his or her income in taxes than middle class families do. We are also committed to reforming the corporate tax code to lower tax rates for companies in the United States, with additional relief for those locating manufacturing and research and development on our shores, while closing loopholes and reducing incentives for corporations to shift jobs overseas. 

So does the Democratic platform reflect Obama's position on deficit reduction? If so, will Obama continue to campaign on a "balanced approach"?

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