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Worsening Crackdown in China

And the still invisible U.S. response.

9:22 AM, Apr 4, 2011 • By KELLEY CURRIE
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There is nothing about China's "different political system" or "state of development" that can possibly excuse the Chinese party-state's incorrigible habit of kidnapping law-abiding individuals and jailing them for non-violent political expression. Contrary to President Obama's wishful thinking, the present evolutionary trend of China's human rights situation is from "high-functioning dictatorship" to lawless thugocracy. There is nothing stable, sustainable, or responsible about the manner in which the Chinese government is waging war on its domestic critics. It is wholly unrealistic to expect that the United States can establish a truly "cooperative, constructive, comprehensive" relationship with this government, or trust it to live up to commitments in a meaningful way.  

Assistant Secretary Campbell will reportedly be heading to China this week to talk about the upcoming U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue. He should consider postponing his trip until the Obama administration can caucus with our allies in the free world to come up with a coordinated strategic response to Beijing's descent into totalitarianism. If there is one thing the Chinese understand, it is a cancelled visit from a high-level official; it’s a political weapon they deploy all the time. If he does go to Beijing, his agenda must focus heavily on what is happening inside China today, and how the regime's effort to achieve stability through repression is damaging Chinese society and China's reputation abroad. 

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