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Zero Nuclear Weapons?

Most Americans don't want it.

1:07 PM, Aug 17, 2010 • By GABRIEL SCHOENFELD
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Rasmussen has a new poll out showing that the Obama administration nuclear policies are strikingly at odds with public opinion.

The country is certainly not buying into its magical military thinking that an America leading by example will bring about progress toward general disarmament.

One thousand adults were asked: “How likely is it that other countries will reduce their nuclear weapons arsenal and development in response to the actions taken by the United States?” A striking 41 percent replied “not very likely” while an additional 14 percent answered “not at all likely.”

Other key questions reveal similar wisdom:

How important is America’s nuclear weapons arsenal to the country’s national security?

51% Very important

26% Somewhat important

11% Not very important

 4% Not at all important

8% Not sure

Should the United States reduce the number of nuclear weapons in its arsenal?

27% Yes

57% No

16% Not sure

Should the United States halt the development of new nuclear weapons?

31% Yes

46% No

24% Not sure

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