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The Most Dangerous Man in AmericaMark PerryReviewed By:Mitchell Yockelson
The Gardens of the British Working ClassMargaret Willes Reviewed By:Amy Henderson
The GalápagosHenry Nicholls Reviewed By:Christoph Irmscher
Stephen CranePaul Sorrentino Reviewed By:James Seaton
Outrageous FortuneAnthony Russell Reviewed By:Edward Short
BeerGavin D. Smith Reviewed By:Martin Morse Wooster
James MadisonLynne Cheney Reviewed By:Patrick Allitt
From Cupcakes to ChemicalsJulie GunlockReviewed By:Abby W. Schachter
Mozart A Life
Mozart A LifePaul JohnsonReviewed By:Colin Fleming
A Very Principled BoyMark A. Bradley Reviewed By:Harvey Klehr
The Story of the JewsSimon SchamaReviewed By:Peter Lopatin
Beowulftranslated by J. R. R. Tolkien edited by Christopher TolkienReviewed By:Gerald J. Russello
The Virgin’s BabyBevis Hillier Reviewed By:Edward Short
The Temptation of DespairWerner Sollors Reviewed By:Susanne Klingenstein
Collecting ShakespeareStephen H. Grant Reviewed By:Charles Trueheart
Westmoreland’s WarGregory A. DaddisReviewed By:Mackubin Thomas Owens